An exceptional summer for the city’s children, teenagers and young people

The first summer activities for children, teenagers and young people in the city are now under way. The ‘Estiu 100%’ special plan sets out a series of activities for everybody to be able to enjoy summer, and to respond to the socio-economic impact that Covid-19 has had on families.

22/06/2020 15:32 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

In recent months, the state of emergency for Covid-19 has heightened the need for youngsters in the city to meet up again, as well as their educational, emotional and recreational needs. The situation has also hit the finances of many families hard, who need to adjust their work-life balance this summer to make up holidays, work extra hours or look for a job.

This year’s summer plan has a budget of seven million euros, some 33.5% more than last year. Of this money, two million euros will be used for the priority action neighbourhoods. The increase in the budget will also enable up to 387,754 places to be offered on ongoing activities which require enrolment, such as summer schools, camps and residential summer schools, some 40,139 more than last year.

Registration and subsidies

There have so far been 66,800 registrations for activities, with more to be added in the coming weeks. There are also many activities which do not require prior registration and are aimed at teenagers and young people.

The summer budget will not be capped, to make sure that all families who meet the requisites can be awarded subsidies. In all, 14,911 children and young people will get subsidies for summer activities.

Boost for summer activities in priority action areas

As part of the Neighbourhood Plan, affordable or free activities for youngsters will be strengthened in August in neighbourhoods with social priorities. Two million euros has been allocated to add to activities which were already organised last year and to programme new ones.

The Baobab summer schools promote educational leisure in neighbourhoods where there are no such options, relying on young people from the same neighbourhoods to provide support as monitors. Activity programmes will also be organised in municipal facilities.

At the same time, the Education Consortium has started the ‘Èxit d’Estiu’ curricular-study support programme in 26 schools.

Facilities open and activities in August

Over sixty city facilities will be opening exceptionally to offer activities in July and August. The aim is to provide better coverage for families in summer, helping them to improve their work-life balance and promotng cultural participation among children, teenagers and young people.

In all, 25 libraries, 20 community centres and 20 school playgrounds will be opening in the city.

Teaching and emotional management guides for monitors

Summer cases are largely possible thanks to the work of over 500 entities which organise the activities and the professionals that work on them. In the context of the socio-economic crisis caused by Covid-19, there is a real need for monitors to have resources which enable them to provide proper educational and emotional support.

In this respect, two guides have been published: a teaching support guide and an emotional support guide.

Full information on summer activities can be found on the website


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