An unprecedented boost to the public housing offer

16/08/2018 11:51 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The construction of public housing in Barcelona has reached unprecedented figures. Currently, the city has 66 construction projects underway, which will add a total of 4,547 flats, a rate that has never before been achieved.

The aim is for the public housing offer to expand to 13,000 flats in 2022, a figure that would represent the same number of homes being built in 8 years as during the previous 80 years.

80% of these homes will be allocated as affordable rentals, a model that is being especially prioritized because it promotes equality in housing access.

Apart from the new constructions, the number of homes managed by the Municipal Institute of Housing and Rehabilitation of Barcelona (IMHAB, in its Catalan acronym) is also expanding, with purchases of already constructed buildings. 497 homes have been acquired in this way.

The promotion of the public housing offer is one of the priorities included in the Barcelona Right to Housing Plan 2016-2025. With these measures, which are 95% financed by municipal resources and have the support of European public banks, the aim is to respond to the residential needs of the population that is unable to access housing through the free market.


Other initiatives to promote affordable housing

The City Council has initially approved the processing of a proposal so that 30% of newly built homes and large renovations are protected.

This initiative, promoted by the social organizations that fight for the right to housing in the city, would contribute between 300 and 400 flats each year to the city’s affordable housing.

Finally, processing has been initiated of a measure to extend to the entire city the capacity of the City Council to apply the right of first refusal and retraction. The aim of this initiative is for the consistory to have preference in all the city’s buying and selling of real estate in order to speed up the expansion of affordable housing.


A new tool to check on the growth of public housing 

The growth of public housing in Barcelona can be viewed with the new informative resource offered by the Housing website of the Barcelona City Council: the map of the new public housing developments that are being built in the city.

The tool, which can be found on the main page of the website and on the public housing page, shows updated information on the projects that are currently underway.

It is an interactive resource that allows users to filter the results with several criteria, such as the location of new constructions, the stage of the work, or the type of development.