Application period open for municipal plots to build affordable social housing

Organisations seeking to promote affordable social housing in Barcelona can now present their projects. The application period is open until 28 February and comes within the context of the collaboration agreement signed last November by Barcelona City Council, the Catalan Association of Social Housing Policy Managers (GHS) and various other entities in this sector (Cohabitac, FCHC and XES).

05/02/2021 17:09 h

Clara Cardona Capdevila


The goal of the agreement is to expand the public housing stock by 1,000 flats with social rents and affordable cooperative housing. Out of this total, 60% of the flats will be for rent and 40% for cohousing initiatives.

The agreement follows the model of other European cities such as Vienna, Amsterdam and Berlin, based on a public-private social collaboration framework to help respond to people’s housing needs. In this respect, procedures will be streamlined and public ownership of land guaranteed for project by non-profit entities, foundations and cooperatives.

Organisations wishing to put forward projects for the municipal plots available can get more information on the requisites and the documentation needed on the website for the Catalan Association of Social Housing Policy Managers. Once the application period concludes, a commission made up of the City Council and GHS will validate the proposals, also taking into consideration compliance with criteria on energy efficiency, project distinction and industrialisation.

Affordable social housing for nearly 500 people

Thanks to this agreement, the coming months will see the City Council grant the use of 15 plots of land to build on and three buildings for renovation, between them representing projects for a total of 497 homes. Work is expected to begin in mid to later 2022, with the first tenants to move in around two years later.

By district, the plots of land and buildings are:

Ciutat Vella:

  • Carrer de la Reina Amàlia, 10 (Raval): building for renovation with 10 homes to rent or tenant cooperatives.
  • Passeig de Joan de Borbó Comte de Barcelona, 44-45 (Barceloneta): building for renovation with 30 homes to rent.
  • Carrer de Sant Martí, 12-16 (Raval): plot for a building with 43 homes for rent or tenant cooperatives.


  • Passeig de l’Exposició, 38 (Poble-sec): plot for 6 co-housing homes.
  • Carrer de Mossèn Amadeu Oller, 17-21 (La Bordeta): plot for 40 co-housing homes.
  • Carrer de Rossend Arús, 36-38 (Sants): building to renovate with 7 co-housing homes.
  • Carrer d’Ulldecona, 11X (La Marina del Prat Vermell): plot for a building with 84 homes to rent.

Sarrià – Sant Gervasi:

  • Via Augusta, 375-381 (Sarrià): plot for 15 co-housing homes for the elderly.
  • Via Augusta, 383-387 (Sarrià): plot for 17 co-housing homes for the elderly.
  • Via Augusta, 389-393 (Sarrià): plot for 17 co-housing homes for people with disabilities.
  • Via Augusta, 421-425 (Sarrià): plot for a building with 30 homes to rent.


  • Carrer de Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, 11 (Vallcarca i els Penitents): plot for 25 co-housing homes.
  • Avinguda de Vallcarca, 110 (Vallcarca i els Penitents): plot for 37 co-housing homes.

Sant Martí:

  • Carrer de Pere IV, 115 (El Parc i la Llacuna del Poblenou): plot for 23 co-housing homes.
  • Carrer de Binèfar, 26 (La Verneda i la Pau): plot for a building for 47 homes to rent or for tenant cooperatives.


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