Application process announced for 260 new city police officers

The coming year will see 260 new places opened up for the City Police, bolstering and rejuvenating the current corps of 2,886 officers. This is the first of various staff intakes to add a thousand new officers between now and 2023. Barcelona City Council will also be offering 340 other jobs to strengthen public services, education, social services and healthcare.

14/12/2019 11:50 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The City Council is to offer 600 public sector jobs in 2020. The City Police is to get 260 new officers, helping it to step up its presence, work closer with communities and provide better public service. The rest of the places created will be used to help social services, education, healthcare and general services in a bid to cut temporary staffing within the City Council by 8%. Barcelona has opened up 3,994 public sector jobs since 2015, with 28 competitive recruitment processes in 2019 and 1,424 positions consolidated.

Objective: more women in the City Police

A total of 1,000 places will be created to replace retiring officers and boost the City Police between now and 2023. The force currently has around 2,900 officers. A specific campaign will be run in an effort to increase the presence of women in the competitive entry process and get more of them into the ranks. Women currently account of 12% of the corps, a percentage which is set to rise with the latest intake of 205 officers, of which 62 are female.

Requisites and calendar for new public sector jobs

The recruitment process will be via a competitive entry format and is open to people over the age of 18 and below the compulsory retirement age, of Spanish nationality and who satisfy criteria set out for the application process.

Applications should be made during the twenty natural days after the publication of the jobs in the Official Gazette of the Government of Catalonia and can be presented online at The competitive entry process will be based on specific subject matter, which will be detailed when the jobs are published.


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