‘Associa’t a la festa’ returns for La Mercè

Once again this year Barcelona’s entities and associations will be presenting their work to the public during the city’s local festival, explaining their roles and showcasing the wealth and diversity of popular culture with a wide range of activities in Plaça de Catalunya.

21/09/2018 16:52 h

Marc Royuela Pérez

‘Associa’t a la festa’ offers over two hundred recreational and family activities for city residents stopping by in the square between 22 and 24 September.

The three-day fair sees the iconic city square completely transformed for a festival created out of diversity, with shows, workshops and activities brimming with the social and community energy typical of our city. The event is based around three areas.

Networked activities provide one of the three main pillars for the fair. Participating organisations have created as many as 25 common projects between them for this year’s edition. In a similar vein, there are as many as 50 different family and children’s’ activities to choose from, including gymkhanas, educational games, environmental activities and even a play library for toddlers.

Finally, the communication area in the centre of Plaça de Catalunya will be hosting seven community radio stations from the city (7deRàdio Barcelona, Boca Ràdio, Ràdio Ateneu del Clot, Ràdio Ciutat Vella, Radio Nikosia, Ona Sants-Montjuïc and Ràdio Trinijove). Between them they’ll be offering a shared programme following each day’s events at the fair.

Spaces for everyone

Based on these blocks of activities, the square will become a unique enclave where visitors can stroll around the various sections.

  • Two stages for performances, with music, dance and traditional dance.
  • Three marquees for children’s workshops and family activities, including arts and crafts, educational and traditional games, puppets and the play library, promoting values such as shared upbringing and ecology.
  • Three zones at the foot of the square for small-format performances, circus acts, acrobatics, artistic gymnastics, Bollywood choreographies and much more.
  • Free expression is the order of the day at the urban art and murals zone.
  • The solidarity haima, not only offering a nice cup of tea, but also a chance to try on typical Sahrawi clothing and attend awareness workshops on the Sahrawi struggle.
  • As mentioned, the communication area featuring community radio stations from the city as they explain in detail what’s going on at the fair.
  • A fair trade cafe.
  • A stall for entities, with information about the associations taking part.
  • The Millor Adopta space promotes animal adoption and responsible pet ownership.

Successful event

Last year’s edition of ‘Associa’t a la festa’ was attended by 115,000 people over the three days, with 1,800 people linked to participating entities and over a hundred organisations involved. This year’s fair is expected to generate similar figures and give visibility to the wealth, diversity, energy and vitality of the city’s network of associations.


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