Pilot scheme to allow e-signatures for citizen initiatives

The city is trialling new technology to enable people promoting citizen initiatives to collect signatures electronically via the Decidim Barcelona digital platform. The initial stage will allow digital signatures for initiatives proposing a point to be included in the order of the day for district council meetings and full council meetings.

09/04/2019 17:28 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The move opens up a new channel for citizens to give their support to different initiatives, on top of the possibility of physically collecting signatures.

Once the pilot scheme is completed, the technology could be extended to all types of citizen initiatives promoted in Barcelona according to the city’s regulations on citizen participation.

How to use a digital signature on the Decidim Barcelona website

To digitally support initiatives, citizens need to register on the Decidim Barcelona website with a username and a password.

The first step of the verification process involves adding a mobile phone number to receive an SMS with a confirmation code, needed to sign and to save data. Once the confirmation code is introduced, a verification process checks the official residents’ register and users need to fill in various fields: ID number (NIF, NIE or passport), postcode and date of birth.

Once users are verified on the website and their ID has been checked against the official residents’ register they will be able to sign the citizen initiative. Formalising the signature is simply a matter of entering the verification code received by mobile, which will be a one-off for each initiative.

The Decidim platform, constantly growing

Over a hundred cities, institutions and entities are currently using the Decidim platform, adapted to meet their own needs. The platform is being used in Catalonia, around the Spanish state and other parts of the world.

This expansive use of Decidim, which uses completely open-source free software, also enables it to evolve, adapt and consistently be improved. These factors help ensure the democratic quality of participatory processes.


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