Kyiv to be the guest city for La Mercè 2023

The Ukrainian capital will be the guest city during the festivities for La Mercè 2023, a decision approved unanimously by the Commission for Social Rights, Culture and Sports at the request of the PP. The invitation has been accepted by the Deputy Mayor for Culture in Kyiv, Valentyn Mondriivski, who spoke by videoconference during the commission to express the city’s thanks for the proposal.

19/04/2022 16:38 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Since Medellín became the first guest city in 2007, Barcelona’s annual festival has invited a different city with whom it has special ties, so that the guest city can present its contemporary artistic scene.

Since the start of the conflict, Barcelona has made a joint effort to offer humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian population, to help cover their most basic needs, provide support for refugees and offer a cultural corridor for the shelter of artists from different disciplines in facilities in the city.

Rome is the guest city in 2022. The artistic potential of the Italian capital, home to an infinite number of quality projects in theatre, music and film, will be represented in the festivities and form part of the Mercè Arts de Carrer and Mercè Música programmes. In 2023, it will be turn of Kyiv.

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