More extracurricular educational support for students in vulnerable situations

The three extracurricular programmes focusing on educational support: “Èxit [Success]. Educational Support” and “Tangram” and on boosting English, “Speak up”, are growing and reaching 2,600 students from state schools, mainly from educational areas with higher numbers of students in vulnerable situations. The municipal Budget is 1.5 million euros for the 2022-2023 school year.

07/11/2022 17:47 h

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Ninety-once state schools are expected to take part in these programmes, 59 of which are primary education and 32 secondary. The growth of these municipal programmes is enshrined in the government measure entitled “Towards an afternoon policy in educating neighbourhoods” which aims to guarantee a minimum of two afternoons with curricular activities to reduce inequalities in educational opportunities outside school hours.

Success. Educational Support

The Èxit [success] programme offers extracurricular educational support for 5th- and 6th-year primary- and secondary-education students. The goal is to consolidate their learning, work skills and help with the transition from primary to secondary education. This year will see 1,810 students taking part.

Speak Up 

A programme working to promote and improve fluency in spoken English and which is being carried out at secondary-education schools two afternoons a week. The programme is backed by the Drassanes Official School of Languages (EOI). The 2022-2023 school-year edition has 640 students taking part. 


Tangram is an educational support and empowerment programme for children and their families to promote school success at the primary education level, mainly 1st and 2nd years. The aim is to establish an emotional bond and support with children, work on their basic skills through games, visual and physical-coordination skills in everything inside and outside school. This year’s edition will see 15 schools and 150 students taking part.

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