This summer, 100%

The ‘100% estiu’ summer activity programme for children and teenagers is under way, with over 1,300 recreational, sports, educational and cultural activities being organised and some facilities also open in August.

28/06/2021 18:04 h

Oriol Bosch

The special ‘100% estiu’ summer holiday campaign for children and teenagers is under way, with this year’s edition offering over 361,000 places and more than 1,300 recreational, sports, educational and cultural activities to choose from.

Through an investment of 7.2 million euros, some 130,000 children and youngsters up to the age of 17 can enjoy a wide array of equal and inclusive educational leisure activities this summer. The special summer activity programme began last year within the context of the health pandemic and offers full health and safety measures with regard to Covid-19. The campaign is also complemented with facilities such as libraries, community centres and school playgrounds opening to the public through the summer.

The ‘100% estiu’ campaign is divided into the following five blocks, with different options for all children and families in the city:

  • ‘T’estiu molt’: the established summer programme for children and teenagers offers over a thousand activities organised by different city entities. These include recreational activities, themed activities, sports and workshops, plus a series of adapted activities aimed at children and young people with disabilities. This year, to facilitate access to all city youngsters and avoid family finances being an obstacle to enjoying the summer, a total of 4.34 million euros has been invested to provide subsidies, some 25% more than last year. In all, 21,278 summer activity subsidies have been awarded to families who applied for them.
  • Special activities: activities to complement ‘T’estiu molt’, with a range of 284 educational, cultural, leisure and sports activities offered over 7,000 in all. These include nearly 200 specific activities for teenagers, summer schools and workshops at city museums and around the network of fab labs, for participants to experiment and be creative using tools and technology.
  • ‘Estiu als barris’: the range of free or affordable activities for youngsters has been bolstered as part of the Neighbourhood Plan. Examples include the Baobab urban summer schools and the summer school activities held in August.
  • Facilities open all summer: August sees 20 libraries and six community centres open as a special measure, offering a series of activities for nearly 1,400 children and teenagers, including the library summer school and various multimedia workshops. In addition, 22 school playgrounds in the city will be opening in July, 11 of which will stay open in August too, providing extra space for families and youngsters.
  • Support for recreational organisations: the final block of the ‘100% estiu’ campaign is intended to provide support for recreational organisations to carry out activities guaranteeing the health and safety protocols. Educational guidance and emotional support guides for monitors have also been updated this year and a new guide published with recommendations, resources and sustainable food activities within the context of Barcelona’s role as the World Sustainable Food Capital 2021.

The ‘100% estiu’ campaign started life in 2020 as a special summer plan to cover the needs arising from the Covid-19 crisis at that time. The programme is back again this summer with a wide array of activities for children, teenagers and young people. The goal is to favour their physical and emotional well-being and promote opportunities for socialisation, at the same time helping families with their work-life balance.

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