Traffic restrictions in Lepant and Padilla with Av. Diagonal due to work on the tram system

Traffic restrictions will apply at the junctions where the streets of Lepant and Padilla cross Av. Diagonal between 21 May and early July. Vehicles using Lepant to access the outbound Glòries road tunnel will have to use alternative routes.

17/05/2023 15:19 h

Ecologia Urbana

Work on the new section of the tram system in Av. Diagonal and the work to lay the tracks mean disruptions to mobility in the streets of Lepant and Padilla, where they meet Av. Diagonal.

Disruptions in C/ Lepant with Av. Diagonal

The road closure in C/ Lepant next to Av. Diagonal starts on 21 May and will apply until early July. Vehicles can divert into the streets of Consell de Cent, Los Castillejos, the side lane of Av. Meridiana nearest the mountain or C/ Alí Bei, later rejoining C/ Lepant.

Vehicles which normally use Lepant to access the outbound road tunnel beneath Pl. Glòries can divert into C/ Consell de Cent, C/ Los Castillejos, the side lane of Av. Meridiana nearest the mountain and C/ Padilla before entering the tunnel using the Gran Via.

In the section of Av. Diagonal affected, bicycles will need to use the side nearest the mountain, sharing space with pedestrians between the streets of Lepant and Marina.

These disruptions coincide with the opening of C/ Consell de Cent between Marina and Lepant (where two lanes of traffic will be operational), allowing access to the side lane in Av. Diagonal nearest the sea, between the streets of Consell de Cent and Lepant.

Disruptions in C/ Padilla with Av. Diagonal

Traffic heading upwards in C/ Padilla will also be affected by a road closure in this area from 22 May until early July. Vehicles will have to divert into the streets of Diputació, Marina and Consell de Cent before rejoining C/ Padilla.

In addition, in the section of C/ Padilla between the streets of Diputació and Gran Via, traffic circulation will be reduced to three lanes. The service strip on the side nearest the Besòs will be maintained, as will the uphill bike lane. The side lane of Av. Diagonal between the streets of Padilla and Los Castillejos will be exclusively for local residents and services, with bicycles in this case having to divert into the bike lane in C/ Diputació.

This closure will affect the circulation of the X1 bus service, which will be diverted into C/ Diputació. The Aragó-Lepant bus stop (3806) will also be out of service and a new stop created in C/ Aragó, between Marina and Sardenya.