A centre to improve energy efficiency and sustainability in the aerospace sector

The Digital Aviation Innovation Talent Hub, jointly promoted with the company Vueling through a signed agreement, will become a data centre to facilitate decision-making for the tourist and aviation sectors to address current challenges on sustainability.

20/04/2022 17:40 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new hub and its highly technical facilities will help refocus the skills of people currently working in these two spheres, offering new specialised jobs.

The centre will also promote the creation of more places on professional aerospace and technology courses, making for more digital profiles as programmers and experts in big data and information technology.

Another priority for the new facility will be to help transform this economic sector, hit hard by the mobility restrictions resulting from Covid-19. This transformation will be in line with the goals of the 2030 Agenda and capitalise on the funding opportunities of the Next Generation European programmes.

Collaboration from city start-ups

One of the first steps will now be to look for a site with the support of Barcelona Activa. The municipal agency actually already has initiatives focused on the aerospace industry with its business incubators, such as those at the Technology Park.

One of the next steps will also be to develop a map of start-ups operating in the city which want to be part of the project.


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