Endolla Barcelona to reach 1,000 recharging points in 2023

Endolla Barcelona, the public electromobility network managed by Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (BSM), closed out 2022 with 16,036 users. The figure represents a 68% increase on the previous year, with the number of recharges carried out also up by 60% and reaching a new record of 107,344, the highest since the service was launched. Overall usage equated to 1,134,000 kWh, some 102% more than in 2021.

28/01/2023 11:17 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The public electromobility network, Endolla Barcelona, will continue to grow in 2023 and offer 1,000 recharging points by the end of the year by adding another 300 all around the city.

The points will be located in BSM car parks, which already account for 7 out of 10 existing points. This rollout strategy guarantees a homogenous expansion in all city neighbourhoods, facilitating the leap to electromobility, minimising the occupation of public space and reducing other issues relating to parking and fostering planned recharges during off-peak hours.

The number of recharging points in streets, designed for planned fast charging, will mainly be unchanged.

Endolla Barcelona is currently the largest public electromobility network in the Spanish state. Barcelona is the city with the second highest number of recharging points per square kilometre in Europe, behind Stockholm, and the fourth highest number per inhabitant, behind Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo.

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