Pricing mostly frozen for 2022

The Government Commission has decided to maintain almost all public and private pricing for 2022. The price freeze includes social services, the Bicing service, admission to Park Güell, the Tibidabo Amusement Park and the Zoo.

29/12/2021 16:04 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The move also includes pricing for facilities such as play libraries, community centres, youth centres and centres for the elderly. In the case of community centres, no increases will be applied which affect sectors of the population that are particularly vulnerable, for instance workshops aimed at children, teenagers and young people, or which are of local and public interest. There will be no increase in prices for shows either. Discounts of 15% remain in place for the unemployed and people with disabilities.

In terms of social services, no price increases will be applied to services such as home help, meals in the company of others, residences, sheltered housing and day centres for the elderly.

The only planned increase is an inflation-linked rise of 3.1% for certain workshops and routes from the Barcelona Institute of Culture (ICUB), and at municipally operated sports facilities.

Social prices are being maintained for holders of the Pink Card, social services, the unemployed and single-parent families, as are grants for users of the Campus Olímpia and discounts for users of extra-curricular sports activities.

Elsewhere, prices for Municipal Archive and district services are to be aligned with those of the Catalan government’s Ministry for Culture, simplifying and reducing prices.

Prices for cremation services from Cementiris de Barcelona also remain unchanged.

Park Güell, Barcelona Zoo and the Tibidabo Amusement Park

Park Güell keeps the same general admission price of ten euros, with the under-6s getting in for free. Residents living in nearby neighbourhoods also get free admission, as do those on the Gaudir Més register.

This year’s pricing also remains unchanged at Barcelona Zoo, with no changes to the general admission price or the ZooClub membership price.

The Tibidabo Amusement Park also keeps the same prices, which vary according to whether access is to the whole park or just the panoramic area.


The Bicing bike-sharing service keeps the same pricing that was introduced with the new model, with subscriptions costing a flat rate of 50 euros a year. Additional charges apply for the first half an hour of the use of electric bikes (0.35 euros), while annual subscription on a per-use basis costs 35 euros plus 0.35 euros per use of a push bike and 0.55 euros per use of an electric bike.

Endolla Barcelona, the network of electric recharging points in the city managed by BSM, will apply the same prices as it did in 2021, despite the increase in the cost of electricity.