Tenth Barcelona Award for Innovative Business in Organisation and Uses of Time

The Barcelona Award for Innovative Business in Organisation and Uses of Time recognises the commitment to achieving a better balance between people’s working life and their personal and family life. The winning companies in the tenth edition stand out for offering solutions to guarantee digital connections, condensed hours, social parenting and more.

03/05/2022 14:00 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The companies were given awards according to the number of workers they have, and in different categories:

  • Category for companies with fewer than 10 workers: Advantatge Consultores, for a bold and innovative step in time policies by implementing a four-day week with the same wage, and given the advantages of improved health, the care of people and a decided change in work culture.
  • Category for companies with 10 to 50 workers: INGECAL, Ingeniería de la Calidad y el Medio Ambiente, for a holistic approach to improve and move forward in time use and the specific measures this approach includes. Notably, a trial of a four-day working week and a protocol on digital disconnection.
  • Category for companies with 51 to 250 workers: SOM Fundació Privada Catalana Tutelar, for trying to universalise flexibility and teleworking measures for entire workforce.
  • Category for companies with over 250 workers: Webhelp Spain Business Process Outsourcing, for applying a social parenting measure which consists of giving leave entitlement set out in labour agreements to people without families, but instead friends or work colleagues, particularly focusing on recognition of this figure for workers with no family in the country.

This’ year’s award coincides with Barcelona’s role as the first world capital in time uses. This leadership comes within the context of the Time Pact, an initiative seeking commitments at a municipal level and from city organisations to achieve healthier uses of time.

Besides the Barcelona Award for Innovative Business in Organisation and Uses of Time, the city also promotes the NUST network (New Social Uses of Time), made up of over 130 organisations which put into practice innovative measures on flexibility of hours, joint responsibility and remote working.

Benefits of the measures for the improvement of time management include greater productivity, keeping hold of talent, improved working atmosphere and reduced levels of stress.


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