Six out of every ten residents are worried about the current economic situation

The second 2022 Barometer, a periodic survey that features the opinions and perceptions of the city’s local residents, highlights the current economic situation as the issue that people are most concerned about. 60% of respondents see things this way, although 53.6% are optimistic about the future and believe the situation will improve in the coming year.

27/12/2022 13:48 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The list of issues that city residents are most worried about, according to the Barometer, is headed by insecurity (24.8%), followed by cleaning, which is the most pressing problem for 15.8% of respondents, and then by access to housing (7.6%) and municipal policy management (6.6%).

Some 35% of respondents believe that the municipal Management is good or very good, 11.5% that it is normal and an increased proportion of those critical, at around 50%. A similar rating can be seen in the respective cases of the Catalan government’s management and the Spanish government’s management, although positive opinions come to 31%, below the municipal figure.

A barometer without political ratings

The Barometer is the six-monthly survey taken through telephone interviews with 800 Barcelona-based respondents who are eligible to vote at the municipal elections. In this case, as it is a pre-electoral Barometer, the report does not contain any political questions, let alone voting intentions or assessments of political leaders, in accordance with the guidelines established under the Sociological Studies Plan (PES) for 2020-2023.

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