Average wages in Barcelona rise slightly

The average wage in 2016 rose by 1% compared to the previous year, increasing from 28,800 euros per annum to 29,180 euros, according to a report by the Technical Programming cabinet at the City Council. The report also points to a 1% decrease in the wage divide between women and men in the same period.

30/12/2017 10:19 h


The figures in the report show that the average wage among Barcelona residents was 29,176 euros gross per annum in 2016, coming out above the averages of 25,491 euros in Catalonia and 23,677 euros in the Spanish state. The average reflects a certain improvement in the city of Barcelona compared to the figures for 2015, when the average stood at 28,861 euros, equating to an annual rise of 315 euros, or 1.1%.

The average wage among men in 2016 was 32,819 euros gross per annum, comparted to 25,669 euros among women. That puts the gender wage divide in Barcelona at 21.8%, a reduction of 1% compared to the figure for the previous year.

The First Deputy Mayor, Gerardo Pisarello, noted:Despite achieving improvements in areas which are of concern to us, such as the wage divide, which has been cut by 1% compared to 2015, the majority of jobs still being generated are mostly precarious, with temporary contracts”.

Because of this, the priority is to work to create coordination and meeting opportunities to bring together as many social and economic players as possible to promote a minimum monthly wage of 1,000 euros for workers in the city of Barcelona and the metropolitan area.

The report focuses on average wages for 2016 among workers living in Barcelona, comparing the data to previous years. While the statistics are for the city of Barcelona, comparisons are also drawn with average wages in Catalonia and Spain. The figures can be viewed here.