Barcelona Activa’s ‘cases d’officis’ are a safe bet for young people looking for work

During the 15 years they have been running, these programmes, which combine training with paid work experience, have helped 1,000 young people find their vocation in emerging sectors such as entertainment, sustainability and digitalisation. In 2018, 70% of city youngsters aged between 16 and 25 who took part in Barcelona Activa’s “cases d’oficis” programmes found work or went back to the education system.

09/08/2019 15:38 h

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Once again the Barcelona Activa cases d’oficis training programmes have shown they are a guarantee for finding work in your speciality (in 53% of cases) or, at least, for returning to the education system (in 17% of cases). In the case of the Casa d’Oficis de l’Espectacle en Viu (live entertainment), the insertion percentage is 65.2%; in that of Sustainable Neighbourhoods, 52%, and Digital Neighbourhoods, 39.1%.

As regards going back to education, the Casa d’Oficis de Barris Digitals has the highest percentage at 26%, as the digitalisation sector offers lots of possibilities for the future if you boost your knowledge.

Throughout the year, people under 25 who sign up for the programme receive professional training and work experience in companies in different sectors.

The experience of working in emerging sectors

Light, sound and video are all part of the world of entertainment. People looking for a job in this sector can find specialities in the Casa d’Oficis programme such as lighting technology technician, production and direction assistant and video sound engineer. Subsequently, they put their knowledge to the test preparing musical events in the city such as those at the La Mercè Festival.

Youth interest in sustainability issues opens the doors to specialising as a forest warden, ecogardener, environmental information officer and a florist’s assistant. The floral decorations at this year’s Sónar festival were done by students of the Casa d’Oficis de Barris Sostenibles.

Finally, the Casa d’Oficis de Barris Digitals works on technological tools that enable various projects in 2D and 3D animation, graphic design, 3D printing and modern UX techniques to be developed.

Devoting time to what you like most

The cases d’oficis are one of the measures designed to encourage young people to find work they like doing. In the main, these people are unemployed and combine months of training, with a grant, with six months work experience, which includes a training contract and a wage equivalent to 75% of the minimum professional wage.

The Barcelona City Council Plan for Promoting Youth Employment includes some 80 actions designed for young people, such as promoting STEM, the new Municipal School of Second Opportunities and professional mentoring and guidance networks.

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