Barcelona, an athletic city #4: Gerard Humet

07/02/2018 19:15 h

Institut Barcelona Esports

In the fourth chapter of this series, we meet Gerard Humet. Every Monday, Gerard, a 57-years-old self-employed engineer, plays basketball for FC Barcelona’s Veterans B team. He used to play for FC Barcelona when he was younger.

From a very young age, he has always considered sport to be fundamental. “I always needed to do some sport after school or studying”, he explains. He believes it is “an ideal complement to daily life”. “Without sport, I wouldn’t have been able to study or work as well as I have”, he affirms. He also describes it as an essential “escape valve” and a “stimulus” in his life.  That’s why he thinks it would be “impossible to live without sport: “If I hadn’t done sport I would be a different person, because your everyday working life takes over to such an extent that you can’t burn off your adrenalin, you can’t move around… I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to bring out the best in myself”.

And lastly, Gerard believes that sport should be an essential part of anyone’s life. “I think it broadens your mind and helps people in all walks of life”, he says.

It’s no coincidence that sport is an essential part of life for thousands of Barcelona residents.

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