Barcelona Cuida, the new reference centre in the field of care work

The Barcelona Cuida centre opens as a strategic service to address the needs of carers and cared-for, as well as professionals from this sector. The centre has seven professionals who work as a support network for individuals and organisations and offer services in person, by phone or online.

10/04/2019 14:11 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Support offered by Barcelona Cuida focuses on the provision of information and advice about existing care-related resources, such as specific procedures, emotional support and other emerging needs in this sphere. For instance, recognition of people’s degree of dependency, training for carers and labour rights relating to care-work.

The centre has been designed as a hub for all information relating to care and care work. The website, already up and running, offers a list of over eight-hundred city resources for carers and the cared-for.

The team of professionals, made up of seven full-time professionals plus reception staff and part-time specialists, address different types of profiles:

  • People who look after relatives or people close to them. One in four people in Barcelona looks after a relative or somebody close to them. The responsibility and dedication required by sustained care-work can be physically and emotionally draining.
  • Professional carers working in households. The service is also aimed at people who are paid to look after people at home, irrespective of their administrative situation, to facilitate training, accreditation and the defence of their labour rights.
  • Social services, community and health professionals. Individuals and teams from social services, community centres and the health sector are fundamental in direct support, both for the cared-for and for family or care workers. Coordination and networking with these groups is one of the key approaches of Barcelona Cuida.
  • Organisations. Entities and groups in the care sector have a wide array of resources, networks and connections available to them, representing fundamental support.
  • People wishing to plan their own care. The goal is to provide information for people concerned about their current or future situation, due to dependency, disability or ageing.

Professionals from different areas and social entities also make up an advisory board to help enhance the way the centre works, design its programme of training workshops and promote periodic meeting opportunities.

Caring city

The opening of the Barcelona Cuida centre is one of 68 actions in the municipal government measure to democratise care 2017-2020, part of the Barcelona Ciutat Cuidadora strategy. The initiatives outlined respond to the need to position care as a fundamental aspect for economic policies, not just because everyone needs or provides care at some point in their life, but also because a progressively ageing population points to an increased need which is best anticipated in advance.

Practical information for Barcelona Cuida

Location: Av. Marquès de l’Argentera, 22 (provisional, until the definitive premises are ready at C/ Viladomat, 127).

Opening times

  • Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 1.30 pm and from 3 pm to 6.30 pm.
  • First weekend of the month: Saturday, from 4 pm to 7.30 pm, and Sunday, from 10 am to 1.30 pm.

Phone service

  • Tel: 934 132 121. From 8.15 am to 7 pm.

Online service


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