Barcelona Energia opens up to the general public

The metropolitan energy distributor will start extending its services to 20,000 homes in the metropolitan area as from 1 January 2019. Barcelona Energia is the largest wholly publicly owned power distributor in the Spanish state and offers certified renewable local energy. So far the service has been supplying municipal facilities, markets, municipal sports centres, street lighting and traffic lights.

12/11/2018 14:56 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

As from today the period for contracting electricity supplied by Barcelona Energia is open to residents in the metropolitan area. The metropolitan energy distributor, which is 100% publicly owned, offers certified renewable energy with transparency criteria in terms of the origin of the power and the cost of bills, as well as the promotion of self-generation of solar energy. The service will offer advice for users to achieve more efficiency in consumption, as well as opening up opportunities for citizens to participate in managing the distributor.

The service will be operative as from 1 January 2019, initially supplying 20,000 households in Barcelona and the metropolitan area. It represents a step forward in promoting a new energy culture and the transition to energy sovereignty in the city.

Renewable local energy

Barcelona Energia has been supplying energy via 3,908 electricity points to date. The power is used for street lighting, public housing, municipal markets, offices and markets.

The distributor of certified renewable local energy represents a break from the current electrical oligarchy, at the same time combatting the effects of climate change with a cut in greenhouse gas emissions produced by the transportation of energy we consume and reducing the energy loss produced by the transport process itself.

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