Barcelona examines its relationship with its seafront

16/03/2015 18:20 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Four buildings on the Moll de Llevant in Barcelona’s port house the exhibition ‘Ciutat Port: la Barcelona Productiva’ [The City Port: The Productive Barcelona]. The exhibition explores the city’s relationship with maritime activity and also covers its history, reflecting on the past, present and future of Barcelona’s port.

Video ‘Barcelona examines its relationship with its seafront’

The display is organised in four different areas. The first looks at tradition with a photographic archive showing how the port has changed from 1860, when expansion started as part of the wider Pla Cerdà urban plan, through to the present day.

A second area ‘Del front marítim al front nàutic’ [From the seafront to the sailing front], presents a vision of the future and the projects which should shape the recuperation of the seafront. The project for the Morrot station is one of the key topics in this area. This part of the exhibition analyses identity and the relationship with mobility, the mountain and the sea, as well as the connection between the port and the city and the results and proposals this generates.

The Mayor, Xavier Trias, inaugurated the exhibition noting that the Morrot Project is “an important move” to open Barcelona westwards and bring the port closer to the city. “We have to know how to use it, without saying ‘the port is something separate to the city’, and instead turn the port into something extraordinary for the city by being able to achieve the order which is proposed today. I think it means some extraordinary future possibilities for citizens”.

The third area, ‘Urban Exchange Platform Barcelona – Hong Kong’, is a reflective dialogue looking at viewpoints from the two cities regarding seafronts. The final area of the exhibition, ‘Port de Barcelona, motor de l’economia’ [Barcelona port, driving the economy] provides a visual display on future challenges defined in a new strategic plan for the next five years.

The exhibition is on until 11 April. It is organised by the Agència Metropolitana de Desenvolupament Urbanístic i d’Infraestructures, Barcelona Regional, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Government.