Barcelona to host the Acusticat congress 2026

Acusticat is a leading multi-themed and multi-sectoral gathering in Catalonia, inviting reflection and solutions to improve noise levels and the environment. During the closing ceremony at this year’s edition in Manresa, it was announced that Barcelona will be hosting the sixth edition of the event in 2026.

26/04/2024 13:16 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The Acusticat congress is a biannual participation space for municipalities all around Catalonia. Besides reflection and proposed solutions, the event is also an occasion for exchanging experiences and putting forward initiatives within the framework of preventing noise pollution and the creation of quiet areas, as well as the promotion of management and control tools. The intention is also to drive collaboration between administrations with powers in this sphere.

The fifth edition of the congress was held in Manresa on 24 and 25 April, serving as the main event for Noise Free Week 2024. Barcelona City Council took part in the event, presenting some challenges and with a speech by the Department for Environmental Evaluation and Management about restaurant terraces in public streets.

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