BCN Green Deal, a new economic agenda to create 103,000 quality jobs

Barcelona has got a new economic plan for the next decade to regain the city’s ambition and exploit its full potential, prioritising the retention and training of talent, facilitating economic activity and attracting more and better investment. The goal is to create 103,000 quality jobs in the digital and green sector.

29/01/2020 18:08 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new BCN Green Deal agenda sets out ten priorities and 38 measures to strengthen the city in three key aspects: competitiveness, sustainability and equity.

Competitiveness: a city with talent, entrepreneurial, digital and open to the world

In terms of competitiveness, the goal is to foster economic activity with the ‘Easy Barcelona’ plan, which cuts red tape for businesses, and the ‘Zero Tax’ plan, which does away with the tax for starting an economic activity during the first year. The idea is also to strengthen the digital ecosystem by creating new talent, training 3,000 digital professionals in the next five years through the IT Academy and creating the conditions for emigrant talent to return. Three new entrepreneurial spaces will also be created.

Sustainability: fighting the climate emergency through the sustainable, circular and fair economy

The 38 measures are in line with the 2030 Agenda and the sustainable development goals. Specific actions focus on sustainability, such as the promotion of a solar economy and the programme ‘Barcelona, Get Sustainable’, to improve the energy efficiency of housing and facilities and generate jobs.

Backing will also be given to the creation of the Besòs eco-district as a new green economic axis, as well as to a cluster of creative industries and another for the blue economy in the nautical sphere. There will be a boost for the economy in the city centre, and in terms of tourism an economic fund will be set up to incentivise the production of content: the Tourism and Culture Fund.

Equity: boosting the social and solidarity economy

The agenda also seeks to boost the social and solidarity economy, with Barcelona to become the world capital for sustainable food in 2021. The Barcelona agreement on quality employment has already been signed too, and will bring specific measures to improve labour insertion and employability with trade unions and socio-economic stakeholders. The Commerce and Restaurant Observatory will also be set up, dealing with areas of urban economic promotion and local shopping hubs.


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