Bicing pedals further than ever!

As from today, and over the next few months, the Bicing service will be extended with an additional ninety-seven stations. Twenty of the new stations will be in places where the service is not currently available, with the number of electric bikes also set to double. A year after the new model was introduced, the service has seen a 9% increase in its use.

11/01/2020 13:14 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The roll-out of the next stage of the Bicing service aims to boost its presence in areas of the city where demand is high and provide coverage in the following eleven neighbourhoods.

  • La Marina del Prat Vermell
  • Vallcarca i els Penitents
  • La Salut
  • La Vall d’Hebron
  • La Clota
  • Canyelles
  • Les Roquetes
  • Verdum
  • La Trinitat Nova
  • Ciutat Meridiana

Once the new stations are added there will be a total of 519, all offering a combination of electric and push bikes, around the whole city.

More electric bikes

The fleet of electric bikes will increase from 1,000 to 2,000 to cover the high demand. Electric bikes are used 9.27 times a day on average, compared to 6.01 times a day for push bikes.

The new model of mixed stations has boosted the use of electric bikes and if this trend continues, further additions to the fleet will be considered.

For the moment, once the roll-out of the second stage of the new Bicing service is completed in March, a total of 7,000 bikes will be operational, 2,000 of them electric.

Bicing grows!

A year after the new Bicing model was introduced, the service has seen a 9% increase in its use, with 1,161,847 journeys in 2019 and 11,000 more users than the previous model.

Women account for 46.2% of users and men 53.8%. Most are aged between 25 and 34 and use the service between one and five times a week, mainly to get to and from work, favouring electric bikes.

The figures come from the customer satisfaction index for 2019, which saw users give the service a score of 8.2 (out of ten) for the operating hours, the best scoring aspect ahead of maintenance (8), comfort (7.7) and user-suitability (7.4).

Users gave the service and overall score of 6.9.


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