Bird’s eye cameras to manage capacity at 39 markets

Located in the ceilings above entrances, the devices respond to the needs generated by the pandemic without violating the right to privacy as they do not focus on people’s faces. The system produces a headcount of the people on the premises, with a screen displaying the maximum capacity and the number of people currently inside, indicating if others are able to enter or not.

25/08/2021 15:28 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Besides facilitating the supervision and management of the flow of people, the initiative provides data on access, allowing for the quantification of the impact of municipal markets in neighbourhoods and the volume of visitors to different parts of the market at different times of day.

The system actually started being used last summer with a pilot project at four markets in the city: Sants, Sarrià, Abaceria Central and Encants de Bellcaire. Since then, it has been rolled out at 35 more markets, with an investment of 678,640 euros. The system uses Hikvision technology and is managed with centralised software.

Another step in the process to go digital

The roll-out of the network of screens and micro-computers, in this case for providing information on products and services, plus the installation of cameras, are two of the measures set out in the Plan for the Digitalisation of Markets.

As part of the Strategic Plan 2015-2025, the initiative responds to the new needs of customers to maintain the model for the network of markets which has made Barcelona an example to follow for other cities.

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