Bonus Consum vouchers to boost local shops and restaurants

The plan to reactivate commerce now includes a new initiative to help commercial activity recover: the Bonus Consum. In all, 280,000 twenty-euro vouchers will be available and can be exchanged for goods and services offered by establishments, with the user paying ten euros and the City Council contributing the other ten.

04/10/2021 15:13 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The vouchers can be exchanged at participating establishments until 31 December 2021 and are being funded with through a budget of three million euros. The initiatives is being promoted jointly with Barnacom (the organisation grouping together shopping hubs in the city belonging to Barcelona Comerç and Barcelona Oberta) Comertia, Pimec, Foment del Treball, Gremi de Restauració, Agrupament de Botiguers i Comerciants de Catalunya and Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona.

The vouchers can be downloaded from 18 October from the new online shop for commercial establishments in the city, which went live recently and is now fully operational.

BCN Market, the city’s online shop

The website BCN Market is a virtual shop window for neighbourhood commerce, offering in-person and online sales, and where customers can see the catalogue of products from all establishments, reserve and buy items from home and then pick them up or have them delivered.

This open and collaborative platform between establishments is aimed at generating physical and online traffic for local businesses, helping local people to find the shops they’re looking for in the city and providing an alternative to major online shopping websites.