Bonus Cultura is back!

The new Bonus Cultura 2021 vouchers will be available from 1 April, offering local people discounts on cinema tickets, books, music and the performing arts. This municipal initiative is intended to stimulate cultural consumption and activity.

29/03/2021 14:29 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Bonus Cultura discounts are valid at all participating cultural venues and establishments in the city, with nearly 180 signed up to the project: 102 bookshops, 36 theatres, 18 music venues, 15 cinemas and 8 record shops.

There are two types of vouchers this year. The first is worth 40 euros, with the user paying 30 euros and the City Council adding the other 25%. The second is worth 20 euros, again with the administration paying the same proportion (5 euros). In both cases, users pay an extra euro in handling costs.

The new format Bonus Cultura 2021 vouchers will be available from 1 April until the end of the year, with no limits on purchases per user. Similarly, more than one voucher can be used towards the same purchase.

Bonus Cultura vouchers can be purchased via the website and at establishments, when requested, during the purchasing process.

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