Call for the new edition of the Montserrat Roig Awards

The City Council is once again set to recognise social journalism and communication in Barcelona with these annual awards. Candidacies for the Montserrat Roig Awards can be presented from 17 February to 16 March. This is the fifth year running that the awards have been given under this name, promoting quality journalism on social issues in the city.

17/02/2022 12:31 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new edition of the Montserrat Roig Awards keeps the same four categories as previous editions: social journalism, social communication, promotion of journalistic research and the special prize from the jury.

The awards are worth 40,000 euros in all, divided into six awards and with a few small changes. In the social journalism and the social communication categories, the best projects will each get 7,000 euros, with a prize of 3,000 euros each for the second-placed projects. For the promotion of journalistic research award, the best two projects will each get 10,000 euros. As with previous editions, the special award from the jury carries no monetary prize.

Requisite for candidacies

The projects presented in the social journalism and social communication categories must have been published, broadcast or disseminated between 16 December 2020 and 15 December 2021.

In terms of journalistic research, these projects will have up to a year from the date the award is given, during the first quarter of 2022. Proposals in this category are more open this year and work can be carried out on any of the following topics: feminised and precarious labour sectors, care work, hate speech and the digitalisation of technologies to provide access to services and benefits that people have a right to.

Projects must be linked with the city of Barcelona in terms of both the topic addressed and the target audience or scope of action. Full information on the Montserrat Roig Awards and the registration process can be found on the website.


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