Campaign to improve organic waste collection

27/03/2017 13:40 h


Eight environmental educators will be addressing local residents in various city neighbourhoods to help improve habits on organic waste disposal as a drop has been detected in the collection of this type of waste.

The aim of the campaign is to boost citizen participation and information following the latest data. The most recent evaluation of waste collection shows a slight drop in organic waste collection, also detecting that 22% of material in the corresponding containers was not organic. “We can see organic waste collection has stagnated and that’s why we believe action is needed to improve quantity and quality”, asserted the Commissioner for Ecology, Frederic Ximeno, this morning.

The eight educators form part of an awareness campaign which will start in the neighbourhoods of Barceloneta, Les Roquetes, El Guinardó and El Putxet i el Farró. The six month campaign will help shape a subsequent campaign for the entire city. Each neighbourhood will have two environmental educators who will operate near facilities and address the public to identify and correct bad practice when separating organic waste.

According to Ximeno, the standstill in the recycling of organic materials is due to the fact that recycling habits among the public have still not been consolidated, whereas the recycling of other materials such as glass (introduced in 2010) has been taken on board better by people. Barcelona has joined the Zero Waste Strategy and made a commitment to continue backing policies to reduce the generation of waste. To this end, one of the main spheres of action entails turning organic waste collection into a central axis for waste collection.

Evaluation of waste collection for 2016

The latest data shows that the generation of waste in 2016 rose by 1.8% compared to 2015 and stands at 1.3 kg per inhabitant per day. In terms of selective waste collection, there was a slight drop: 35.9% compared to 36.3% in 2015. In other words, the figure has stagnated at around 35% since 2011, a long way off the 60% set out by waste management programme by the Government of Catalonia.

In overall terms, selective waste collection is up by 2,067 tonnes. The rise can be attributed to the increase in the collection of packaging (4.8%) and glass (2.27%). In contrast, the collection of paper and cardboard has dropped (-4.71%), as has the collection of organic waste (-0.69%).


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