Capacity at the beaches cut by a further 15%

Capacity at the beaches in the city and the metropolitan area has been cut by a further 15% as measures are stepped up to contain and prevent Covid-19 infections. The overall maximum for the city’s beaches is now 32,000 people, down from 38,000.

21/07/2020 16:39 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The tighter measures to contain and prevent Covid-19 infections at the beaches come into force today and have been applied in coordination with the rest of the municipalities in the metropolitan area.

Controlled capacity at the beaches

As of 8 June, the city’s ten beaches have had a control system to monitor capacity via 18 video sensors. The system offers real-time information on how busy the beaches are via the municipal website

To avoid build-ups of people, citizens are advised to check how busy the beaches are before going there. The occupancy level is calculated according to the maximum number of people permitted:

  • Green indicator: low density, less than 40%.
  • Yellow indicator: normal density, between 40% and 60%.
  • Orange indicator: high density, between 60% and 80%, users recommended to go to beaches with fewer people.
  • Red indicator: very high density, over 80%. Access to beach is closed and staff inform users with support from the City Police.

Information at the beaches

Teams of municipal information staff will be on hand at all beaches to help distribute people on the sand while maintaining safety distances. The public address system will also provide information on occupancy levels, access points and health recommendations.

Services at the beaches

Various municipal services are operational during the summer:

  • Lifesaving and sea rescue.
  • Showers and foot washing facilities. These must be used individually.
  • The Beach Centre: information and environmental education point.
  • Assisted bathing at the Nova Icària beach.
  • Dog area at the Llevant beach.

Enjoying the beaches

Some basic recommendations should be followed to enjoy the city’s beaches:

  • Avoid clusters of people on the shoreline.
  • Spread out evenly on the sand and maintain a safety distance of 1.5 metres from other people.
  • Use the various access points to the beaches to avoid queues and build-ups of people.
  • Respect the recommendations given over the PA system and the advice issued by information staff.


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