Most are in favour of 30% affordable housing and connecting the tramways through Av Diagonal

Barcelona’s residents back two of the main measures launched by the municipal government during this term of office. More than 80% of the people surveyed in the latest six-monthly barometer agreed that property developers should be compelled to dedicate 30% of their new promotions to affordable housing. On the other hand, over 60% also expressed their support for connecting the two tramway networks through Av Diagonal. The City Council is, according to the people surveyed, the highest-rated authority, ahead of the Catalan regional government and the Spanish government.

04/01/2019 10:34 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Results from the six-monthly Barcelona Barometer

Good prospects for the future

The City Council remains the highest-rated authority and the only one, compared to the Catalan regional government and Spanish central government, that enjoys the approval of over half the number of people surveyed. 57% gave their approval for the city’s municipal management, and 42% described it as good or very good.

Although 63% of those surveyed were optimistic and believed Barcelona would improve, a positive perspective that was also seen over the future of the city’s economy: more than half (53%) expected the economic situation to improve in the future.

That means 46% of the people surveyed believed the economic situation in the city was good or very good. Prospects in Barcelona were seen as better than in the rest of Catalonia and Spain, both in the city’s development and its economic situation.

Despite all that, the barometer shows a negative dynamic in perceptions of the development of Barcelona, but above all of Catalonia and Spain. 66% and 67% of the people surveyed believed Catalonia and Spain had worsened. A similar perception for Barcelona was only shared by some 60%.

Support for two municipal pledges

Questions were asked over two issues linked to municipal policies launched and championed by the municipal government, which received support from those surveyed.

Public transport is an essential service in the city which 84% of Barcelona’s residents regularly use. As for the tramway connection through Av Diagonal, 63% of the people surveyed supported it and only 20% were against it.

The other municipal measure proposed, making it mandatory for 30% of newly built dwellings or dwelling with major renovations to be social housing enjoyed even greater support, from 85% of the people surveyed.

Insecurity and housing access, the main problems

The latest six-monthly barometer, a snapshot of public opinion on the municipal government, before our municipal elections are to be held, puts insecurity, housing access and Catalonia’s place in Spain as the city’s main problems.

The percentage of people who regard insecurity as the city’s main problem (21%) dropped to half when questions were asked regarding the personal situations of those surveyed.

As for housing access, this continued to be perceived as one of the city’s main problems (12%) for the second six-month period, hence the wide support for the measure for 30% affordable housing.

Relations between Catalonia and Spain were perceived as less of a problem (7.3%), following the high percentages found in the barometer’s two previous six-monthly periods. In July 2018 Catalonia’s place in the central State was perceived as the city’s main problem.

Technical file

The municipal barometer was prepared from 800 telephone interviews made between 27 November and 5 December. Its range of error is ±3.5%.

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