Spreading tourism across the seasons better

The figures for the 2018 summer season confirm the progressive deseasonalisation of tourism. The city received 4.6 million visitors between June and August, representing just 30% of the annual total.

04/10/2018 15:52 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Lower volumes of tourists in the holiday periods and the spreading out of visits around the city are both key factors for sustainable tourism and mean less of an impact on the daily lives of local people. This approach underpins the action outlined in the Strategic Tourism Plan 2020.

The figures put the number of visitors to Barcelona this summer at over 4.6 million tourists, just over half of them staying in city hotels. Visitor profiles are mainly international, with 85% coming from abroad.

The average amount spent per visitor per overnight stay was also higher. Without counting transport costs, accommodation and tourist packages, the amount spent per person in the first six months of the year is calculated at over 100 euros per head for those staying in hotels.

Visitors to the city spend their money on restaurants (44%), shopping (21.6%), entertainment (17.8%) and getting around the city (12.3%).

A well-rated city

Barcelona gets good ratings from its visitors, who give it an overall score of 8.8 out of 10, with particularly good ratings for friendliness (8.5), safety (8.2) and cleanliness (8).

The ratings back up the results from the first Online Reputation Index (IRON), which reflected a score of 8.4, according to online ratings for tourist attractions, accommodation and restaurants.