Collaborating families wanted!

The collaborating families’ service was set up to offer a solution to the difficulties faced by some people who, due to particular circumstances of a temporary nature, need the support of responsible families in taking care of their children.

10/08/2018 14:05 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

This is a preventive service that intervenes to help families who need it, whether for health reasons or questions of work-life balance, offering them people nearby who can help them out for a period of time by looking after their children. The aim is to keep children as close to their home environment as possible, that the collaboration lasts as long as necessary to cover the need requiring the service, that it is a mutual agreement between the people involved and the collaborating family only does it out of solidarity.

In 2017 a total of 52 children were temporarily and voluntarily helped by one of the 78 families registered with the city collaborating families’ bank. Since the start of this year, 36 families have taken care of children at some time or other. Just over half (52%) of these collaborations take place at the weekend; 7% during school holidays; 36% in the week and only 5% for an ongoing period.

The possibility of collaborating is flexible and adapted to the available time each person has. You can find out how to become a collaborating family at this link



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