Building purchased via the right to first refusal in El Raval

The Government Commission has approved the purchase of a building in C/ Santcliment, in the neighbourhood of El Raval. The acquisition is to be made using the right to first refusal, whereby the City Council can acquire properties below market price to add to the public housing stick. The purchase involves an investment of 2.46 million euros, which includes an amount for renovating the building.

04/07/2024 11:36 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona


The block has a built floor space of 832 square metres and consists of nine homes, just one of which is rented at present, plus two ground-floor premises. The other eight homes will be made available with public rents.

According to the recommendation of specialists from the Municipal Institute for Housing and Renovation (IMHAB), the indoor spaces in the building will be renovated and the distribution of the homes altered with an investment of 1.66 million euros. The main façade has no major defects and the rear façade and rooftop were renovated in 2017, meaning no work will be needed there.

Right to purchase

The right to first refusal gives the City Council preference in purchasing buildings, enabling public housing to be added in densely populated areas where it is difficult to create new buildings. In the case of the building in C/ Santcliment, the purchase price of 800,000 euros is almost 5% below the average price per square metre in this neighbourhood, and 23% below the average for Ciutat Vella.

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