Creative industries generate jobs and attract talent to Barcelona

Creative industries have generated 43,000 jobs in the city in the last six years, providing employment for 145,819 workers in the second quarter of 2019, some 13% of employment in Barcelona. Registered unemployment among professionals in this sector has consistently dropped since 2009, falling to practically half (-49.4%) and doubling the downward trend for the city as a whole (-25.1%). Work is currently being carried out to develop a new cluster to boost the creative industries sector yet further.

13/01/2020 17:17 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The sector has experienced a significant drop in unemployment, falling by 42.2% compared to 2013. This figure doubles the figure of 19.1% for the city as a whole. The vitality of this sector in recent years is due to strong growth in non-traditional industries such as digital publishing, videogames, research and development and publicity. The number of jobs in the sector has grown by 66.9% since 2008.

These industries attract young talent to the city, accounting for 49.5% of all jobs in this sector in the country. Barcelona closed out the first six months of 2019 with 9,262 active companies employing creative professionals, some 900 more than eleven years ago.

This is one of the sectors in Barcelona with the brightest futures, offering plenty of added value and stable well-paid jobs.

Work is being done with the private sector to boost creative industries in the city by setting up a new cluster in the Disseny Hub building. The cluster will help creative companies, concentrating them in the Glòries area and Poblenou and providing openings for young people trained at the city’s schools of design, audio-visuals and architecture.

These figures from the City Council’s Department for Studies on Economic Management, Resources and Economic Promotion were presented at the sectoral meeting on the application of artificial intelligence in the creative industries, organised by Barcelona Activa with collaboration from Sónar+D. They can be viewed here.


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