Data for the city of Barcelona for the 21D election

The number of Barcelona residents able to vote in the elections for the Parliament of Catalonia on 21 December is 1,125,827. There will be 1,357 voting points in operation at 264 polling stations as citizens choose between the ten candidacies for Barcelona.

17/12/2017 11:19h


Everything is ready for election day on 21 December, which unlike other occasions comes on a working day. The people of Barcelona will be able to choose between ten lists of candidates in Barcelona, corresponding to the province of Barcelona, which accounts for 85 of the Catalan parliament’s 135 representatives.

Electoral roll

The number of potential voters in the city of Barcelona is 1,125,827 people, 27% of the total for the province of Barcelona and 20% of the total electoral roll for Catalonia, which consists of 5,554,394 people.

Compared to the last elections for the Parliament of Catalonia on 27 September 2015, the volume of voters in the city is very slightly lower, with 1.3% less, equating to 15,234 people. The overall number of voters on the electoral roll in Catalonia as a whole remains practically unchanged. In the province of Barcelona there has been an increase of 32,000 people (0.8% more), while in Catalonia as a whole that figure is 43,500 (0.8%) more.

Voters in the city of Barcelona will be casting their votes in ballot boxes around 264 polling stations, which will open from 9 am to 8 pm, as is usual for election days. In all there will be 1,357 voting points.


The Eixample district once again has the most voters, with over 180,000 people able to vote. As ever, at the other end of the scale the district with the least potential voters is Ciutata Vella, with 47,000 people on the electoral roll.

All of the districts have less voters on 21D than they did for the last election on 27 September 2015, with proportionate drops all around the city. The exceptions are Ciutat Vella, with 2,300 less potential voters (4.6%) and Sarrià – Sant Gervasi, where the current electoral roll means there are just two voters less than in 2015.

Ciutat Vella: 47,337 people (4,6% less than 2015)
L’Eixample: 182,798 (−1,9%)
Sants-Montjuïc: 124,938 (−1,5%)
Les Corts: 61,335 (−1,1%)
Sarrià – Sant Gervasi: 105,766 (−0,0%)
Gràcia: 86,161 (−1,8%)
Horta-Guinardó: 125,554 (−0,5%)
Nou Barris: 118,369 (−1,1%)
Sant Andreu: 109,085 (−0,6%)
Sant Martí: 164,484 (−1,5%)

Locate your polling station

As ever, the procedures website by Barcelona City Council offers a simple application for users to check which polling station they should use. Simply type in the address where you officially reside and your ID number to find your local polling station.

Check your polling station here.