Discount on the waste collection tax for the door-to-door service in Sarrià

A series of improvements are being made to the door-to-door selective waste collection service in the old quarter of Sarrià. One of the main changes is a 30% discount on the waste collection tax, which will be applied where local residents deposit organic waste more than forty times in a year.

03/03/2022 14:10 h

Ecologia Urbana

From now on, organic waste will be collected with individual containers associated with each home, enabling users to record the number of times they deposit this type of waste and to get the discount. Containers will be linked to homes over the coming weeks and new ones issued to those without one or who have one in bad condition.

The discount system has been in place for the door-to-door collection system in Sant Andreu de Palomar since 1 January. It comes in addition to the discount for the use of green points, which can mean a discount of up to 14% off the waste tax, according to the number of times people make use of them in a year.

More improvements to the service

Besides guaranteeing entitlement to the tax discount, other improvements are being applied to the service to boost selective waste collection and citizen participation, reduce the volume of waste abandoned and improve communication with users.

The changes include seven intimate-hygiene waste deposits with controlled access, meaning fewer bags in the streets. A home waste collection service will also be activated for elderly people and those with reduced mobility, as well as door-to-door collections in all selective waste categories for shops and businesses though a specific service.

Communication linked with the service will be boosted with a telematic and face-to-face support service, the Door-to-Door Office, which will initially be located at C/ Anglí, 31, at the Citizen Information and Support Office for Sarrià – Sant Gervasi. A support and monitoring service will also be created at street level and a citizen door-to-door web app activated. This digital tool is a project to promote joint responsibility and transparency in waste collection.

The selective waste collection service in the old quarter of Sarrià was the first to be rolled out in Barcelona. It was launched in 2018, responding to a demand by the local residents’ association, who saw the need to change the waste collection system in the neighbourhood.


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