Discover Barcelona’s eco side

Little gestures go a long way: make shopping so much more than just shopping and help look after the planet.

08/03/2021 16:29 h

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Barcelona has been declared the World Sustainable Food Capital 2021, part of a food transition towards sustainability which will boost local economies and improve people’s health, was well as the planet’s.

Whether you’re a hardened responsible shopper or whether you’re just starting out, here you’ll find some shops which will make you and our planet feel better.

Barcelona is taking a step forward…Are you in?

Organic food shops

Find products which are produced naturally, with respect for ecosystems and environmental balance, and which encourage recycling and other sustainable practices.

Bulk buying

Seeing products and being able to choose them yourself reduces your environmental impact. You’ll reduce single-use packaging, at the same time cutting food waste by buying exactly the quantity you need.

Explore shops where you can buy food by bulk.

Social and solidarity economy

The SSE promotes, produces and sells products and services to help toward sustainable and transformational consumption with a social impact.

Learn more about the social and solidarity economy here.

Consumer cooperatives and cooperative supermarkets

Opt for local organic responsible consumption by shopping at cooperatives, with fair and affordable prices where the consumer and the producer both benefit.

Don’t forget the markets

Help the local economy by shopping at your neighbourhood market. You’ll also be helping preserve the identity of a traditional and cultural place.

In addition, wherever you do your shopping, remember to reduce plastics by using bags from home and recycling properly.


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