District heating and cooling network for the Fòrum and 22@ to be expanded

A new high-efficiency cold generation plant is to come into operation in the Poblenou neighbourhood in 2024, forming part of the environmentally friendly heating and cooling network Districlima.

16/09/2021 14:34 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The plant will add a hundred buildings to the system, doubling the current overall climate-controlled floor space, which since 2020 has managed to prevent 21,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, equivalent to taking 36,300 vehicles off the roads. The goal of the new plant is to save 417,276 tonnes in CO2 emissions between 2021 and 2032.

Commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency

The urban heating and cooling network to distribute heating, refrigeration and sanitised hot water contributes to the city’s energy efficiency strategy, for instance through the generation of solar power or the energy produced by Barcelona Energia.

In these types of infrastructures, the proximity between the energy generation source and the consumption centres represents a big advantage for planning self-sufficient energy in urban spaces. Compared to individual systems such as water heaters and air-conditioning, these networks are around 30% more efficient and mean savings in space, initial investment and water, at the same time reducing noise, vibrations and maintenance costs.

This third plant in the Districlima network will be underground, minimising the impact on local residents and public space. The project involves an investment of 43.6 million euros.


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