Tourist accommodation licence procedure suspended

The Government Commission has approved the suspension of notifications for new tourist accommodation and extensions to existing tourist homes. The measure anticipates the possible effects of a new regulation being prepared by the Government of Catalonia, which establishes rented rooms as a new category of tourist accommodation.

15/11/2019 17:08 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The measure strengthens the Special Tourist Accommodation Plan (PEUAT), currently in force, to ensure that new regulations do not affect municipal control of tourist activity in the city.

The suspension blocks the initiation of any procedure for the issue of licences and will last a year. In the meantime, municipal regulations will be reviewed and modified if necessary.

Priority: the right to housing

The city currently has 9,591 tourist flats and municipal regulations mean that figure cannot be increased. The goal is to preserve the right to housing, protect local residents from property speculation and guarantee the city as a place to live in.

The municipal commitment  to controlling tourist activity has enabled the number of adverts for illegal tourist flats to be cut by 95% since 2016, from 5,875 to 272, with 4,900 unlicensed lets being closed down.

In addition, 13,014 disciplinary proceedings have been brought and 6,453 fines handed out, some five times more than for the period from 2014 to 2016.


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