Towards inclusive and non-sexist language

The ‘Guide on the use of non-sexist language’ is a decalogue of recommendations and advice on using language in a more inclusive and non-discriminatory way, improving the visibility of women in everyday communication.

02/12/2018 10:15 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Hard copies of the guide are available at different points around the city, with 77,000 copies having been printed. It also available in open digital format. The publication is aimed at members of the public, organisations and companies committed to the use of non-sexist language. Businesses taking part in public tender processes, which also require companies to meet linguistic criteria on inclusion and non-discrimination, will also now have a reference document.

The guide responds to the demands of women’s organisations to break down linguistic gender stereotypes and is set out in the strategic plan to combat sexism 2017-2020, in the equal opportunities plan and the City Council’s own equality regulations.


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