Administrative steps completed to renew more sections of Via Laietana and Av. Meridiana

A joint commission gave definitive approval on Wednesday for the final projects for work in the section of Via Laietana between Pl. Antoni Maura and Pg. Colom, and in Av. Meridiana, between Felip II and Fabra i Puig. This completes the administrative steps to continue with the revamps to both streets in the next term of office.

19/04/2023 12:53 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The remodelling projects already under way are aimed at turning the two roads into streets with more greenery and more space for pedestrians and sustainable mobility, in line with the Barcelona Superblock plan. The projects approved for the new sections work in the same way.

The plan for the second section of work in Via Laietana, between Pl. Antoni Maura and Pg. Colom, is to relocate and widen pedestrian crossings and renew lighting on façades. Two unique spaces will also be redefined: Plaça de l’Àngel and the space formed by Plaça d’Idrissa Diallo and Plaça de Correus.

In Av. Meridiana, between Felip II and Fabra i Puig, the project gives continuity to the sections already remodelled, with two traffic lanes and a bus lane in each direction, plus a two-way central bike lane, wider pavements and more trees and parterres. There will also be a large central pedestrian area halfway along the sections and better access to interurban buses between Felip II and Garcilaso.