El Born CCM joins Brossa Year with an exhibition

28/09/2019 07:00 h

Jordi Trilla

Joan Brossa, Poeta de la Revolta (Joan Brossa, Poet of Rebellion) is the title of the show that will be on at the El Born Cultural and Memorial Centre from 3 October. It is curated by Manuel Guerrero and Judith Barnés and co-produced by El Born CCM and the Joan Brossa Foundation. Remember, 2019 is Brossa Year, marking the hundredth anniversary of the birth of this popular, influential poet, playwright and visual artist in Barcelona.

The exhibition hopes to provide an overview of his life and work, with a selection of his literary and visual poems representing his critical look at society. According to the organisers, this selection gives visitors a look at “his poetry of rebellion”. In the Dalmau Space at El Born CCM, the exhibition will be on through 2 February of next year and include several activities, including the inauguration, which will feature the poetry readingBrossa, a partir del silenci” (Brossa, out of the silence). Another big event is on 27 November, launching the latest edition of the “Brossa Itineraries”.

More information is available on this link.