Ciutat Vella Agreement to drive the transformation of the district through dialogue

Local organisations and other stakeholders will combine with the social and economic fabric of the district to set out the roadmap for the years to come. The next few months will bring working sessions, meetings and other sessions to set out the strategic lines for the plan, which will start being implemented next year. With the participation of members of the public, the Ciutat Vella Agreement will focus on four aspects to implement action: people, public space, economy and connection.

10/07/2024 17:18 h

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Goals of the agreement

Work has already been carried out on the Ciutat Vella Agreement during the first year of this term of office. A debate process now begins with social, cultural and economic stakeholders in the district and will run until the end of the summer next year, when the first steps will start to be applied. Work will be based around four main areas:

  • People: with action to guarantee conditions for decent life, working in the spheres of health, housing, education and other areas.
  • Public space: safe and orderly streets that favour coexistence and regain the appeal of the district.
  • Economy: guaranteed sectoral diversity and an economic fabric to drive opportunities for everybody.
  • Connection: recovering the identity and pride of Ciutat Vella for all citizens.

All these actions focus on benefitting local people in the four neighbourhoods in the district, people who work there, families, young people and the elderly.

Dialogue and joint work

The agreement has been launched with the presence of more than 180 organisations from the socio-economic and cultural make-up of the district, who attended the presentation. Public participation and the involvement of the community in Ciutat Vella is actually one of the pillars of the agreement, which seeks to set out the strategy for transforming this area over the next ten years.

For the drafting and the follow-up of the entire strategy, the Ciutat Vella Agreement will take on board as many opinions, points of view and realities as possible. The municipal government wants to involve local stakeholders directly or indirectly linked to the district with an inclusive and democratic vision.

The agreement starts with a annual budget of 228 million euros, of which 225 are for investments. The other three million will be used to reinforce social and prevention policies.

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