Endolla Barcelona, a new municipal charging-point service for electric vehicles

The management of all public charging points for cars, motorbikes and electric vehicles for transporting goods are being integrated in the the Endolla Barcelona network, a municipal service that is launching a website for providing access to and use of its stations. Barcelona’s public electric-charging network is the tenth biggest in the world and the largest in Europe for motorcycles.

08/08/2019 17:10 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Electric mobility in the city has taken a big leap forward with the integration of all municipal charging points into the Endolla Barcelona network, which is managed by the BSM public operator. The aim is to improve the service and promote the use of electric vehicles over conventional motor options.

This opting for electromobility responds to the metropolitan commitment to tackle the climate emergency through the use of healthy and sustainable transport and help to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and noise pollution.

Service’s new website

Thanks to Endolla Barcelona’s new website, more than five thousand users electric vehicles will be able to access real-time information on the availabilityh and location of electric-charging stations, with a network made up of 503 points along public roads and municipal parking places. To access the service, all you need do is sign up for it on the website and request an identification card. The cards related to vehicles; therefore, you will need to request a card for each electric vehicle you wish to register. Once you’ve obtained it, you can use it at any public station for free, as the Authority bears the service’s entire costs.

What is more, an application is expected to come into service this autumn which will enable mobiles to actívate charging points and reserve points located on streets without the need for using cards.

Extension of the charging network

The next few years are expected to see investments in the electric-vehicle charging network increase by 2.6 million euros, which will be allocated to the construction of 100 charging points in underground car parks and 40 quick-charging stations on public roads. What is more, 7 new quick-charging points and 4 new slow-charging points for motorbikes are to be installed on public roads before the year ends, and 20 charging-point facilities will be updated so they can be integrated into the Endolla Barcelona network.

How do you Access the Endolla Barcelona service?

You will need to fill in the registration form for obtaining the vehicle’s identification card.

Where are the charging points?

Consult the stations’ map here.

How can you obtain further information?

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