Everything you need to know about paperwork in the case of a death in the family.

A leaflet has been published to inform city residents about how funeral services work. The leaflet offers city residents information to help ensure that funeral services are contracted with maximum guarantees.

27/10/2017 12:49 h


Among other things, the leaflet includes information about the rights and clients of funeral services, obligatory and optional funeral services, death insurance, companies that offer funeral services and an outline of cemetery and cremation services.

This leaflet is part of a municipal campaign on contracting funeral services, which aims to resolve situations where city residents feel helpless and to support them at a time when they are most vulnerable; when they have suffered the loss of a loved one.

The informative leaflet will be distributed in cemeteries during the celebration of All Saints’ Day, and at various municipal facilities such as Citizen Help and Information Offices (OAC), social services centres, the Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC), civic centres and libraries.

You can consult the leaflet and funeral service fees here.