Extra monitoring for personal-mobility vehicles in Ciutat Vella

14/08/2018 16:12 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

More intensive monitoring occurs over the summer months, as a result of the more intensive use that is made of these types of vehicles. That is why the eight civic officers who work in the area of La Barceloneta will be joined by six Guàrdia Urbana [city police] patrols whose specific tasks will include ensuring people comply with this regulation.

The Guàrdia Urbana have reported a total of 2,797 cases of bicycle and vehicle regulation infringements in Ciutat Vella since January 2018. There were only 1,343 such infringements reported for the same period in 2017.

It is not just vehicles on public roads that have been reported. So far there have been ten inspections in several personal-mobility vehicle premises, with 98 vehicles immobilised and eight towed away.

Improving local residents’ lives

The restriction of personal-mobility vehicles is an initiative enshrined in the Ciutat Vella Local Neighbourhood Plan launched during Holy Week. The aim behind the plan is to improve the lives of local residents in the district’s neighbourhoods, ensure a balance between neighbourhood life and other uses that public spaces are put to and to promote positive community life there.

A regulation that extends to the entire city

A regulation was applied in 2016 for the first time at the sea front to restrict the use of segways and commercially used personal-mobility vehicles. That regulation was extended, in 2017, to the entire district of Ciutat Vella and to all personal-mobility vehicles, irrespective of their sizes.

The amendment to the Byelaw on Pedestrians and Vehicles will apply to the whole city this year, as from 1 July, empowering the districts themselves to take the decision over whether specific restrictions have to be made in areas with a higher presence of these types of vehicles, as in Ciutat Vella, where they may only travel along two established routes that allow them to cross the district along north-south and east-west paths.

To be more specific, the restriction applies to three types of vehicles:

  • Type A: Smaller-size personal-mobility vehicles: small electric skates, electric wheel and electric platform.
  • Type B: Larger-size personal-mobility vehicles: large electric skates and segways.
  • Type C1: two-wheel cycles for commercial or leisure use.

The byelaw provides for fines of up to 100 euros for minor infringements, 200 euros for serious infringements and 500 euros for very serious cases. Personal-use vehicles will not be affected by the restriction decree and will have to comply with the provisions of the byelaw.


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