First step to consolidate the 22@ and foster community life there

Initial approval has been given to the new roadmap for the 22@ area, with a project for more housing, new green streets, a million square metres of space for economic activity and the protection of urban heritage.

30/09/2020 16:03 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The update to the urban plan for the 22@ area builds on the essential goals from the project from twenty years ago and adapts them to current needs.

Housing as a priority

  • The number of new homes that can be built will increase from 9,300 to 15,800.
  • The amount of land reserved for protected housing is to double, increasing from 5,200 square metres to 10,100.
  • All housing will be consolidated.

Business and innovation

  • Procedures will be streamlined to enable a million square metres of space to be used for the development of economic activity, generating some 60,000 jobs.
  • Backing is to be given to the green and circular economy, 4.0 technology and the maker community.​​

A green 22@, full of life

  • One in every three horizontal and vertical streets will be greened up, with 70% of space for pedestrians and vegetation instead of the current 40%.
  • Urban planning is to incorporate the gender perspective.
  • All streets in the basic road network will have bike lanes.

Heritage and surroundings

The project involves the consolidation, revaluation and renewal of the urban landscape, housing and existing activities.

The change to the urban plan for the 22@ will now make its way through the next municipal administrative stages prior to its definitive approval.


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