Four labour insertion programmes for young people

Barcelona Activa will be running four new training programmes in 2019 to offer young people between the ages of 16 and 29 the chance to find work. The plan, approved this month by the Catalan Employment Service (SOC) through a public subsidy of nearly 1.6 million euros, seeks to cut unemployment among young people in the city. The number of young people out of work currently stands at 27%, tripling the percentage for the population in general.

18/12/2018 17:00 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The programme ‘BCN Success Guaranteed. DAO Young People (young people who discover, learn and find work)’ will be offering personalised support for 180 people to pursue career projects in sectors such as industry, commerce, restaurants and construction.

The programme ‘Opportunities in Markets and Local Commerce’ will help 51 young people to pursue three professions in the food sales and handling sector, promoting generational renewal in municipal markets.

Two other programmes are aimed at young people with higher studies. Firstly the ‘Labour Accelerator’ will help 120 people with professional goals linked to strategic sectors for the city. Specialised short-term training with added value will be given in the fields of SAP logistics, electric mobility, data analysis, drone flying and more.

Secondly, the ‘Young People’s IT Academy’ will train 17 people in web development through a ‘learning by doing’ method, with mentors from the IT sector and support for the job seeking process.

All four programmes are designed to incentivise people’s empowerment and provide more balance between areas of the city in pursuit of a fairer economic development model. Likewise, in the spheres of creation, maintenance and the spread of employment.


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