Gearing up for the eDreams Barcelona Half Marathon!

08/01/2018 12:32h

Institut Barcelona Esports

A few weeks ago the eDreams Barcelona Half Marathon was categorised as a Gold Label event by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). The distinction recognises the Barcelona event as one of the best half marathons in the world. An event of these characteristics needs a solid structure behind it, with multiple services for runners. Because of this, the first official training session for the eDreams Barcelona Half Marathon is being held on Saturday 13 January.

This is a progressive training session, with a flat 15 km road route. The start point is at the Moll de la Marina wharf. The session will consist of four groups, each with 25 runners. Each group will have a pacemaker and run at a different rhythm, adapting to the needs of the different runners. During the session, participants will be able to make use of liquid refreshments and an area set aside for them to leave rucksacks and other belongings.

• GROUP 1 Average time objective 1:30h pace 4’15 – 4’20
• GROUP 2: Average time objective 1:40h pace 4’15 – 4’50
• GROUP 3: Average time objective 1:50h pace 5’15 – 5’20
• GROUP 4: Average time objective 2:00h pace 5’45 – 5’50

Further information at the event Facebook page.